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Google Manual Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services
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As a user, the most frustrating thing that can happen when accessing a website on our phone is ever intrusive pop-ups. These pop-ups, according to Google, are intrusive interstitial. The purpose of them is simple, for website owners to display unnecessary advertisements and promotional strategies which eventually distract the user of the website from the content for which they had originally come.

The penalty is for the low-quality content or hampering of content. The Google Panda Update is also an algorithmic change that affects the ranking of websites. A penalty by Google of such nature is to ensure users benefit from a rich user experience and high-quality content.

What Google considers as intrusive interstitial:-

Google Penalty RecoveryGoogle has identified two major intrusive interstitial, pop-ups, and standalone interstitial. So often than not, we land on a website where a popup shows up and the content is grayed out, forcing the user to focus on the small ‘x’. This is extremely frustrating and finally, Google has noticed this too.

Hence, the penalty for those that indulge in such practices. Google has observed that almost 56% of the internet searches are now done on a mobile instead of a desktop. Hence, a move by Google that penalizes mobile websites for intrusive interstitial will help improve user experience immensely.

All Google really wants is for users to find the information and content they seek, not be bombarded by advertisements and forced interstitial.

How to avoid Google’s Interstitial Penalty:-

The most important thing a person can do is familiarize themselves with the guidelines set forth by Google Webmaster Tool. It helps to think like Google. All they want is a value adding experience and providing rich quality content for the user. Hence honest and nonintrusive methods will avoid getting a penalty in the first place.

Google Penalty RemovalMake interstitially available on the desktop site, Google doesn’t penalize such actions. Therefore, it is important to make sure the content on your website is readily available. A shift in strategy is essential for businesses to survive and adapt to the mobile platform.

Websites need to focus on content marketing and shift from advertisements. This is, in fact, the best way to increase traffic on the website and build a loyal customer base. Users always appreciate good content and visit a website again and again if they believe the content offered is of value. However, if such content is masked by intrusive interstitial, Google will penalize.

The Panda Penalty:-

The Panda update is an algorithmic update that affects a website’s ability to rank itself desirably on Google search results. The is penalty is imposed to ensure a high quality of content is conveyed to users and not just stuff that helps a website make use of loopholes to rank itself better

Duplicate content is one of the foremost things Panda looks for. Duplicate content from other website and backlinks and unnecessary redirects through these duplicate contents are penalized. Google makes sure originality is kept in the highest of regard and penalizes those that try and cheat this.

Penalty Removal ServicesA high ad to content ratio is also penalized along with complex navigation systems on the website. In general, the Panda update tries to penalize a bad user experience on any website. It looks out for thin content, republished content and even computer-generated content and penalizes the website for it.

Furthermore, security vulnerabilities are a big risk to the user. If Google detects any malicious code, it may even launch a manual action to cast a penalty on the website. Slow page loading is another example of a bad user experience that is often the reason for a Google Panda penalty.

The Golden Rule:-

The golden rule is rather simple, be honest and be patient. Many SEO companies/individuals and websites will offer tricks and tactics that that can improve your page rank. It is wise to avoid such shortcuts, build trust through rich value-adding content and hence stay in the good graces of Google.

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