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If your website suddenly receives less traffic, be sure that Google has imposed a manual or an automatic penalty on your website. This will affect your website’s rank when someone searches for relevant keywords that should lead to your website.

In the case of a manual penalty, the Google Webmaster Tool will notify you. Fear not, there are several ways to recover from Google’s manual penalty. There are several Google penalty recovery services that one can use such as WEBrantmart.

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Unnatural links

This is one of the most common reasons for imposing of a manual penalty by Google. Unnatural links are those that are irrelevant to your website niche, engage in malicious linking and exchange practices with the sole purpose of getting around Google’s Pagerank.

The first step is to use tools like Link Detox and much more to collect and identify all your backlinks and the ones that are unnatural. Having done so, request website owners of such backlinks to remove said links to your website. Remember Google doesn’t penalize users for having backlinks that they cannot control, so begin with the ones you can.

Next step is to remove as many unnatural backlinks yourself from the Webmasters Tool. The last resort measure is to use Google Disavow tool to disavow those websites you do not control and cannot remove manually. Send in a disavow report and once most or all unnatural backlinks have been removed, Google should remove the manually imposed penalty.

Unnatural links
You’ve been hacked!

You’ve been hacked!

Google recognizes that being hacked isn’t exactly your fault, however it still must protect the users who visit your website. Once Google finds malicious code on your website, it will most definitely impose a manual penalty. The best and the only way to recover from such a penalty by Google is to get rid of the malicious code. Either use a software yourself or seek services that deal primarily in Google penalty recovery.

Spammer beware

There are two kinds of content that Google considers spam, user-generated and pure spam. Having either of those on your website can subject your website to receive a manual penalty from Google. Pure spam is complete gibberish that has nothing to do with your website and is only for the purpose of using anchor keywords to improve your ranking on Google.

The second, user generated spam often comes from blogs, comments and forums and etc. To recover from such activities, identify spammers and spam content and remove them entirely from your website. This is the only way to get Google to reconsider removing the manual penalty.

Spammer beware

In conclusion…

Google is not out to get you. A manual penalty is only imposed when Google feels that faulty practices are being used to improve the Pagerank of a particular website. The best way to avoid and tackle penalties imposed by Google, manual or automatic, is to get familiar with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. These will clearly delineate what practices Google considers unethical and therefore users can do what is best for them, the Google way.

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