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Check Google Panda Penalty for Website SEO

Google Panda Penalty
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Google often updates its algorithm it uses to provide users the best possible search results. Unfortunately, updates like the Panda or the Penguin can be bad news for several webmasters. The Panda Penalty by Google is essential to penalize those websites that have Thin content or irrelevant or duplicate content.

Google is very sincere in its guidelines given to the Webmasters tool. Google wants unique, relevant and value-adding content that benefits those that are looking for information on Google. In order to rise fast in Google rankings and therefore attract more traffic, webmasters tend to indulge in faulty practices that are aimed to fool the Google Algorithms. These are the people affected most by the Google penalty.

How to identify if you’ve been hit by Google Panda penalty?

Although there are several Google Panda Penalty checking tools such as Google Sandbox and penalty checker by piledrive and Fruition penalty checker, the best is Google Analytics. Many professionals that provide penalty checking services themselves use Google Analytics.

The user needs to look at their Google Organic Searches, easily available through the Google Analytics Tool. One identified the user needs to determine if in a day or two they have experienced a large drop in traffic on their website, it is the doing of the Panda.

Content Management SystemWebmasters Tool and Content Management


The first step towards recovering from the Panda penalty is to go the Webmasters tool and click the HTML improvement tab. Under this tab, the website owner can check for duplicate web pages and content. It is quite common for Content Management Tools, depending which you use, to create duplicate pages.

One needs to simply delete these duplicate pages or NOINDEX or NOFOLLOW them. The aim is to essentially identify those pages that have duplicate titles and content and then once identified through a penalty checker, delete them.

Keep it Thin, Keep it Lean:-

Google doesn’t like for users to access websites that have thin content. This usually means content that is irrelevant, of little value and many times computer generated. So, if your website has many pages, sometimes thousands too, there is a chance these are duplicate or thin in content and will be the reason Panda targets your website. So, keep it simple, provide good content on few and necessary pages.

Google Webmaster ToolA Final Note:-

Unlike the Penguin update, the Panda update is to mainly ensure quality content is delivered to users and the thereby adding real value. Many websites have pages that offer no valuable content, just keyword stuffed pages that are aimed towards increasing Google ranking.

Google is smart, it can and does identify such practices and penalizes such behavior. Some ban has even lasted two years. The best and only way to avoid getting hit by the Panda update or any such update is to have a little patience. Do not fall for these “tricks” that are nothing but shortcuts to improve ranking. Make yourself familiar with the webmaster’s guideline, do things the Google way and give good content.

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